Best Washing Machine Semi Automatic Under 10000

Washing machines an important part of our day to day life which makes our work easier. If you’re thinking to buy a washing machine and don’t have much money to invest then you should consider these economical washing machines that are pocket friendly and comes with great features.

You should consider these points in a washing machine before buying one :
Spin speed
Inverter technology
No. Of wash programs .
Read on full article and choose your washing machine as per your requirement.

1.Croma 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

An endeavor to become your companion in your daily chores, Croma in its vastly spread range of products comes with every possible thing you require in your daily chores. The utilitarian washing machine comes with a basket lid with easy wash tray to make the task more unchallenging This washing machine comes with an efficient spiral pulsator. The pulsator rotates and generates turbulent currents in the washing water that spin the clothes back and forth and cleans the fabric impeccably.

This Croma washing machine consists of a twin washing program – gentle and heavy for customised washing. These allow enhanced control over the task and help maintain the quality of the fabrics by protecting it from damage. You can wash and rinse your clothes simultaneously with this semi-automatic washing machine that comes with twin tubes.

Brand- Chroma
Form Factor -Top Loading
Controls -Manual Control
Warranty :2 years on product and 5 years on Motor
Capacity per washing program ‎: 6.5 Kilograms
Special Features : ‎Buzzer, Castor Wheel, Single Water Inlet and Magic Filter, 55L water level & 40 minute Wash Timer and Spiral-type Pulsator.
Spin speed : 1300 RPM Higher the spin speed, faster the drying time.
Special features: 2 wash programs, In-built Soak Function, Auto Balancing Spin Tub, Soak option.

  • ✓Pocket friendly
  • ✓Compact washing machine and can fit in any nook and corner.
  • ✓It has 2 washing programs and settings.
  • ✓It dryer makes little noise sometimes.
  • (In this price range it is common)

2.Voltas Beko 7 Kg Semi-Automatic Tophh Loading Washing Machine

This washing machine sports a compact design to load and unload clothes conveniently. The various wash programs allow you to wash specific pieces of clothing according to their washing requirements. Moreover, this Top Loading machine has a body made of high quality material that increases durability.

Brand – ‎Voltas Beko
Energy Efficiency – ‎5 Star
Energy Consumption ‎- 220 Kilowatt Hours
Capacity ‎- 7 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed – ‎1350 RPM
Installation Type- ‎Free Standing
Form Factor ‎Top-Loading
Warranty: 2 Years Comprehensive & 5 years on Motor
Special Features- ‎Water Level Adjuster, Double Water Fall, Scrubber, Special Pulsator, Casette Filter, Fast Dry.

  • ✓5 Star energy efficiency.
  • ✓Water saver.
  • ✓Compact washin machine.
  • ✓It has 2 washing programs and settings.
  • ✓The customer support is not fast.
  • ✓ Quite noiser.

3.Panasonic 6.5 kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Panasonic Washing Machines are designed for the best and easy use with each feature made to benefit the user in every wash course. The Powerful Motor used here helps to wash heavy laundry like curtains , linens as well as everyday clothes with ease. The Lint filters provided in the machines are designed to catch lint, pieces of wet paper that are accidentally left in the clothes ,this filter avoids any residue to stick on to the other clothes .

Capacity 6.5 Kg: Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members.
SPIN SPEED: 1350 RPM: Higher the Spin speed ,lower the drying time.
Wash Programs: 2
Aqua Spin Rinse : Powerful shower over a wide area effectively washes away foam to ensure thorough rinsing without leaving any dirt/detergent residue
Lint Filter: Cassette-type filter traps lint effectively at any water level and won’t tear. Thorough lint removal even when water level is low
Powerful Motor: The heavy motors used in Panasonic Semi Automatic washing machine makes it easy to wash heavy laundry like curtains , linens etc. as well as everyday clothes
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years on product and 5 years on Motor

  • Semi-automatic washing Machine. Economical.
  • Low water and energy consumption.
  • Has both washing and drying functions.
  • No such noticable disadvantages.

4.Samsung 6.0 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Center jet technology)

Samsung washing machines are good in design and deliver great features to the users .It has Double Storm Pulsator to get your clothes thoroughly cleaned with increased washing power. It is 5 star energy efficiency rated product. It comes with Incorporates hidden wheels, so it’s very easy to move around the home without having to lift it.

Semi-automatic top-loading washing machine;
Capacity 6.0 kg
Best Wash Quality and Water efficient
Energy Efficient – 5 star rating
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years on product and 5 years on motor
700 rpm: Higher spin speeds helps in faster drying
Wash Programs: 2
Air Turbo Drying System: Reduce drying times by removing more water using the Air Turbo Drying System.

  • Economical
  • Compact washing machine.
  • It has 2 washing programs and settings.
  • Loud sound while using dryer.

5.Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (TurboScrub Technology) 

Whirlpool washing machines are compact and come with a different design as compared to other brands. In this machine Easy removal of tough dirt by continuous soaking & scrubbing action for 25 minutes. Equipped with 4 wheels, the machine can be moved around by sliding it with ease. Smartly designed control panel to prevent water from seeping inside. Spin speed of 1400 rpm for superior drying results. Equipped with 340W powerful motor to rotate the clothes in all directions.

Brand – Whirlpool
Capacity-7 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed-1400 RPM
No of Wash Programs – 3 ( Delicate, Normal and Heavy)
66L Large wash tub with Deep wash system gives more space to the clothes for cleaning.
Wash System :Impeller
340W powerful high efficiency motor is powerful enough to roll the clothes in all directions.
Maximum spin speed of 1400 RPM for superior drying of clothes
Autorestart, End of cycle buzzer, Soak Technology.

  • ✓Pocket friendly
  • ✓Compact washing machine and can fit in any nook and corner.
  • ✓It has 2 washing programs and settings
  • No such noticable disadvantages in this price range.

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