Best Washing Machine Fully Automatic June 2022

Are you Searching for a Washing machine and confused among different brands and specs so here we’re to ease your mind and to guide you to buy the best one as per your requirement.
Towards the end, we have also answered some of the most frequently asked questions around this topic. So, read through this article to find your ideal washing machine.
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1.Panasonic 7 kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

This Panasonic 7 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine makes laundry super easy and fun. This 7 Kg washing machine is perfect for a family of 3 members. With its 8 wash programs, it allows you to choose different modes according to the fabric of your cloth.

Brand – Panasonic
Size and Weight – 57.1*52.5*40 centimetres; 25 kilograms
Form Factor – Top Loading
Controls – Touch Control
Warranty – 1 Year on Washing Machine and 10 Years on the Motor
Special features – Fully-Automatic, 8-function washing, different control for different kinds of apparels
Ratings and Reviews – 78 % 5-star rating and 12 % 4-star rating

  • 1.It is a very compact washing machine and can fit in any nook and corner
  • 2.It has more than 8 washing programs and settings, which makes it a great washing machine.
  • 3.Energy efficiency, minimum noise, and exceptionally long-lasting performance.
  • 1.This is not the ideal washing machine for larger families.
  • 2.It is slightly pricier than most other washing machines in the same segment.

2.Samsung 7 Kg  Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung has came with great technology which helps to  control your washing machine from your mobile through Wi-Fi. A machine that can personalize wash by remembering your habits, suggesting cycles and displaying timely information.
The modern design and AI control panel gives a very luxurious and classy look
It comes with Eco Bubble which delivers a powerful, but gentle cleaning performance.
Eco Drum Clean technology keeps your front load washer fresh without using harsh chemicals. And it can even notify you automatically when it needs cleaning.
It comes with a child lock feature when child lock is enabed, all of the buttons on the control panel will be locked except for the power button and an icon will appear on the display.
Other features include quick 15-minute wash, delay end, and much more.

Brand – Samsung
Size and Weight – 59 x 59.8 x 84.8 centimetres; 7 kilograms
Form Factor – Front loading
Controls – Touch control + Rotating dial
Warranty – 3 Years on Product and 10 Years on Motor from Samsung
Special features – In-built heater, 1200 spin RPM, 21 wash programs, Diamond drum, AI-enabled intelligent wash, SmartThings App, Hygiene steam cycle, Digital inverter technology, Small water exit holes, Drum clean technology
Ratings and Reviews – 66% 5-star rating

  • Hygiene Steam Wash to give your clothes a really deep and hygienic wash.
  • Inverter technology, minimum noise, and exceptionally long-lasting performance.
  • Touch panel response is a little slow.

3.Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool Washing Machines come with 5 Star Energy rating for best in class water & energy efficiency. Heats water through a 6 step process to carefully and thoroughly remove upto 50 tough stains like ketchup, oil, grass, etc. The newly designed hexabloom impeller with 6 vanes, washes clothes in a unique 360° blooming wash motion. The Power Dry feature has 4 unique drying options – Gentle, Normal, Extra and Power. It provides 4 customized drying options as per the fabric type and its drying requirements..

Brand – Whirlpool
Size and Weight – 58 x 54 x 102.5 centimetres; 7.5 kilograms
Form Factor – Top loading
Controls – Touch control
Warranty – 2 Years on Product and 12 Years on Motor from Whirlpool
Special features – In-built heater with 3 temperature settings, 1200 spin RPM, 12 wash programs, 360 bloom wash action with hexabloom impeller, LED digital display, Soft close lid, Hard water technology, Advanced magic lint filter, Auto tub clean, Dynamix technology, Power dry
Ratings and Reviews – 56% 5-star rating

  • Wi-Fi Enabled Inverter.
  • 5 Star Energy rating.
  • Wide edge to edge which gives better and more convenient drum access.
  • The alarm is not loud enough.

4. IFB 7 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Water is energized by this built-in device. The filter treatment dissolves detergent better to give clothes a softer wash.
Built with innovative crescent moon drum design that creates a gentle water cushion, preventing damage to fabrics .
A revolutionary wash system with dynamic water jets and showers from paddles that completely soak clothes and optimally dissolve detergent for the most complete wash. This feature makes sure that the tub remains clean for the next wash. After 40 wash cycles, the unit will remind you to run the Auto Tub Clean program.
This fully automatic washing machine comes with  11 wash programs to help you wash as per your requirement.

Brand – IFB
Size and Weight – 62.3 x 59.8 x 87.5 centimetres; 7 kilograms
Form Factor – Front loading
Controls – Touch control + Rotating dial
Warranty – 4 Years on Product and 10 Years on Motor from IFB
Special features – 1000 spin RPM, 11 wash programs, Aqua Energie, 3D wash system, Child lock, Laundry add option, Tub clean, Crescent moon drum, Hot wash option, Cradle wash, Eco savings
Ratings and Reviews – 59% 5-star rating

  • Best Wash Quality,
  • Energy and Water efficient.
  • Monitors voltage fluctuations and prevents damage to electrical components.
  • In the case of large and heavy clothes, the dryer makes a lot of noise.
  • The customer service is not as good as other brands.

5.Bosch Front Loading Washing Machine 8kg

Bosch a German company has came with a new front load washing machine which comes with a lot of features such as Anti-Tangle feature which minimizes tangles in laundry by up to 50% making it gentler on fabric and easier to iron, Anti-Bacteria programme which removes 99.9% of bacteria. Active Water Pressure sensor that detects half-loads and cuts water intake in half, VarioDrum’s breakthrough wave droplet design provides a thorough yet gentle clean for fine textiles, Anti-Vibration Side Panels reduce vibrations and ensure greater stability during the washing and spinning process, Time delay to select end of time of your wash (1-24 hours) and time remaining indicator.
Reload function to pause machine operation for adding in last minute laundry items, Foam detection system to remove excessive foam. These features make this washing machine a great deal for customer.

Brand – Bosch
Size and Weight – 84.8 x 59.8 x 59.0 centimetres; 8 kilograms
Form Factor – Front loading
Controls – Touch control + Rotating dial
Warranty – 2 Years on Product and 10 Years on Motor from Bosch
Special features – In-built heater, 1200 spin RPM, 15 wash programs, 32 cm porthole, 165-degree swing door, EcoSilence Drive, VarioDrum, Anti-tangle feature, Anti-bacteria program, Active Water, Anti-vibration side panels, Reload function, Foam detection system
Ratings and Reviews – 69% 5-star rating
Warranty – 2 year on product and 10 year only motor warranty.

  • A very unique and appealing design.
  • Fewer vibrations with greater stability during the washing and spinning process.
  • long-lasting performance, quiet operation, and perfect wash results.
  • Quite expensive as compared to other brands.

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